myClinicalLabs FAQ

The myClinicalLabs online portal is a secure website that allows you to view your own protected health information. Clinical lab results are a click away. We hope this tool will help you better manage your health. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Account Information Questions

  1. Users need to be 18 to register to use the site. For more details see our Steps To Register page and Terms and Conditions.
  2. A myClinicalLabs account is an ID and password combination allowing user access to the portal. Your myClinicalLabs ID is the number found on the back of your ID card. It begins with 6 letters followed by 4 numbers. (Example: HILAAA0000)
  3. You need to be 18 years or older to register for the myClinicalLabs online portal. You may not register on behalf of a child, family member, or any individual other than yourself. For additional information please review the Terms and Conditions for use of the myClinicalLabs online portal.
  4. Please click here to view our list of myClinicalLabs ID card locations.
  5. No, your Registration Code is not your myClinicalLabs ID or password. When you receive your myClinicalLabs ID card you should also get a Registration Code. Your Registration Code is used once to complete the online registration process. Once you are successfully registered online, the Registration Code is no longer needed.
  6. Once you have registered your myClinicalLabs ID is set. You do have the option of providing either your email address or myClinicalLabs ID when you login.
  7. It is important to us to protect your privacy and secure your health information. After logging into myClinicalLabs if your keyboard remains idle for 20 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of myClinicalLabs. We recommend you log out of myClinicalLabs when you are finished viewing your information or if you need to step away from your computer. Please keep your myClinicalLabs ID and password confidential.
  8. Login to the portal and use the Account Settings page to download and print a copy of your ID card. If you need assistance please contact us.
  9. When you close your myClinicalLabs account, you can no longer sign in to the myClinicalLabs online portal. Online access to your lab results will be cancelled. If you would like to proceed visit our Access Cancellation page.

Proxy Access Questions

  1. Proxy Access allows myClinicalLabs online portal users to view lab results for other patients. For more details see our Proxy Access Setup steps.
  2. Before you start make sure you have the following:
    1. Both the patient and the proxy need to have a myClinicalLabs ID. (If you need a myClinicalLabs ID, visit a CLH location and get one today.)
    2. The proxy needs to have a myClinicalLabs online portal account. (For more details see our Steps To Register page and Terms and Conditions.)
    3. myClinicalLabs ID card number of the patient whose results you would like to see.
    4. First Name of the patient whose results you would like to see.
    5. Last Name of the patient whose results you would like to see.
    6. Date of Birth of the patient whose results you would like to see.
  3. Requesting Proxy Access is simple, just follow our Proxy Access Setup steps. For more details sign into your myClinicalLabs online portal account and visit our Proxy Help page.
  4. You may revoke the proxy’s access at any time by signing into myClinicalLabs and selecting revoke access or by submitting a completed Proxy Cancellation form to Clinical Labs of Hawaii.

Test Results Questions

  1. The last 2 years of test results are available.
  2. The last 2 years of clinical out-patient test results are available. The myClinicalLabs portal will not include hospital records. Please know that result processing times may vary depending on the tests ordered. On average, most results are available in about a week. If you do not see a specific result you are looking for you can contact us for assistance.
  3. Yes, you will be able to save test reports in PDF format or print them from the myClinicalLabs online portal directly.

Other Questions

  1. You need to have an electronic device with an internet connection and internet browser. For optimal viewing we recommend one of the following browsers with java-script enabled:
    • Internet Explorer 9.x or higher
    • Mozilla Firefox 30.x or higher
    • Google Chrome 36.x or higher
    • Safari 5.x or higher
  2. Your email address is used to provide you features like password reset and notifications when your profile information changes. We require each account to have a unique email address for security purposes.
  3. If you have questions about your lab results or health information, please ask your doctor or clinician. If you are having technical problems using the myClinicalLabs website, please contact us.